Tips for organising your wedding gift registry

You’ve decided to open a wedding registry but aren’t quite sure where to begin. To help we’ve put together some tips from our own experiences and from talking to some of our clients.

Make sure you organise your gift registry early, six to nine months before the wedding allows guests plenty of time to purchase gifts, some guest may want to purchase engagement party and bridal shower gifts also.

Don’t limit your gift registry to one shop, two or three is ideal. Make sure at least one shop has an online registry for out-of-town or overseas guests and that at least one shop is department store. Department stores have lots of basic household items, are often located in the major cities and they have gifts in all price ranges. Choosing shops that suit your style is also important.

Do some research into which shops offer gift registers and find out if they offer any special incentives, like discounts for your guests or reward points for the bride and groom.

Traditionally wedding registry details weren’t included in wedding stationery but over the last decade this has changed and people almost expect that this will be included. If you choose not to include the wedding registry details make sure your immediate family and bridal party know where the register is.

Consider the size of your guest list when choosing gifts, people like plenty of choices. You will want to register for at least twice as many gifts as the number of guests. Don’t be afraid to include some high priced items for generous guests and groups of guests.

You’ll need to manage your registry, as guests start buying gifts check to make sure there are plenty of options at different prices.

Don’t forget to keep a record of the gifts you receive and write thank you notes as soon as possible after the wedding.