bad-weather-backupWedding bad weather backup plan

We all imagine that the weather on our wedding day will be perfect. But what if it rains or there are gale force winds on my wedding day? It’s best to be prepared for all types of weather. Unfortunately we can’t change the weather but we can plan for a fantastic day whatever the weather. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your wedding backup plan

Time of year

Firstly consider the season and month you are planning your wedding. Do some research into average temperatures, wind and rain levels for that time. Looking at historical data from the MetService June has the highest average rainfall and February followed by January have the lowest.

Venue options

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception make sure you discuss alternative indoor options with the venue host. You could also consider using an outdoor cover like a marquee.

Ensure that the alternative venue can accommodate all the guests and that any furniture needs to be rearranged. Check that the venue is warm enough in the winter and well ventilated in the summer.

Plan for all weather

Make sure you don’t just make plans for rainy days, consider any implications if it is going to be extremely windy, you will need to make sure that anything not tied down isn’t going to blow away; if it’s really hot you may want to think about shade cover to avoid guest getting sunburnt.

Involve your photographer

Don’t forget to discuss bad weather alternatives with your photographer, find covered locations and have umbrellas on standby.

Here at Silverstream Retreat we have a number of different indoor and outdoor wedding venues and are happy to help you with your backup planning. Contact us today to start planning.