How to promote your Wellington conference online – Part l

So you’ve decided on a date, booked a venue and designed your conference brand. Now the important job of marketing your conference. Website technology makes it easy to get the word out about your conference. Good marketing inspires people to register and once people have registered it’s important to maintain contact before the conference by sending program updates, further conference or location information or news items related to the conference.

As people become more reliant on websites for information, it is important that you use the opportunity to promote your conference through this medium.

If the budget allows, create a website just for the conference, choose a website address (domain name) that is unique and uses keywords relevant to your conference. Design the website using the conference brand, keep the colours and design elements consistent. Within the website include information about the conference, a simple registration form, contact details, map of the conference location and a blog. The blog is an important tool for advertising and staying in touch with the people who have registered. You can post conference updates, announcements from guest speakers or presenters, and reminders about important dates. When writing content for the website use keywords that describe your conference, if you are targeting local visitors for your conference, include the location in your keywords.

If your business has an existing website advertise your conference prominently on your homepage. Make it eye-catching, be sure it contains all the key information about the conference and include a link to a landing page set up just for the conference. Use this landing page when directing people to the website.

Our next blog entry will include information about using other online media such as social media and email newsletters.