Fun and productive meetingsWork meetings play an important part in any business and can take up a large amount of the business day, so it is important that the time is used effectively. Making meeting enjoyable and productive encourage participation and creativity. Laughter can also be a great way to improve employee morale.

While the priority of any meeting isn’t to have fun, it’s about creating a productive atmosphere. Try some of the ideas we’ve come up at your next meeting.

  • Most people learn by doing. Whenever possible, include hands-on activities, demonstrations, role-playing, games etc. Mix it up and keep people interested.
  • Organise contests to generate ideas and offer prizes to encourage participation. A little friendly competition can bring great results.
  • Change some aspect of your meeting every twenty minutes: presentation style, questions and answers, use a panel discussion, small group breakouts, videos, team presentations, feedback, etc.
  • Take away the table or remove all the chairs in the meeting room, and hold the meeting standing up. This should help encourage creative ideas and get through the meeting quickly.
  • Take turns being the meeting facilitator and come up with a new activity.
  • During nice weather, hold all or part of the meeting outside. A change in environment and spark new ideas.

Do you have any tips for spicing up a boring meeting? Give us your best tips in the comments below.