Be prepared for your next conference or seminar

By attending a conference or seminar we gain new skills, find out the trends in our area and network with people.

Before attending the conference make sure you read through the agenda and any other pre-conference information, prioritise the sessions you want to attend. Prepare any questions you may want to ask speakers or exhibitors.

Remember to take plenty of business cards there are always plenty of opportunities when you’re meeting new contacts. When you receive a business card, it’s a good idea to make a quick note about that person on the back of the card so you can remember them in the future. It’s also a good idea to bring paper, pen, highlighter, camera and snacks.

Make sure you are on time, there’s nothing worse than arriving late and having to sit at the back or having an obstructed view, this is also good time to introduce yourself and meet more people.

At the conference, get involved and make yourself approachable. Make sure you practice your introduction, first impressions are important. Describe your business and briefly explain your role.

Be available for the social events, a lot of conferences include cocktail parties and dinners. These events are always a great opportunity to meet new people and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Most of all relax and enjoy yourself.

How to promote your Wellington conference online – Part ll

In our last blog we discussed how to promote a Wellington conference using a website and blog. We thought it would be useful to touch on other online media that will help make your next conference a success.

Video – YouTube

With over four billion views a day, YouTube is a great way to get your message seen and heard. Make a video showing clients what it’s like to experience your conference. Whether it’s testimonials, interviews, or informational pieces, video is a compelling promotional tool. You can also ask your speakers to submit short videos previewing their presentations.

Host the video on YouTube, then share the video on Facebook and embed the video on your website.


Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media networks in the world. Create a Facebook page or a dedicated event subpage under your Facebook page. Post images, videos, conference updates, and encourage speakers to write teasers and ask questions. Invite current friends to ‘like’ the page and then that action is shared with everyone in their network. Don’t forget to add links to your conference website.


Twitter is a great way to promote your conference and engage attendees. You need to create a hashtag for your conference (a word or short phrase preceded by a hash ‘#’ symbol). Ensure you search for the hashtag before you start using it to make sure that it’s not already in use. Ideally, a hashtag should be short, obviously relevant and feature your company’s branding. A hashtag can be included in the body of each tweet. Include links to your conference website or blog and encourage speakers to include your hashtag in all their conference-related postings.


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When choosing a conference or meeting venue there is more to consider than just the budget. You want the venue to add to the experience for those attending rather than detract. A good conference venue will be well equipped, have a good layout and the right atmosphere.

We’ve come up with a list of things to consider when looking for a conference or meeting venue:


  • Is the venue easily accessible to those attending?
  • Does the location offer the necessary road/rail/air links?
  • Is the venue location suitable for any extra events/shows/excursions that have been planned?
  • Is the location quiet and calm, and a distraction-free environment?



  • Is the venue available on the dates required?
  • Are any extras such as equipment, accommodation, etc. available on the dates required?


  • Is the seating capacity suitable?
  • Is there a full range of furniture available?
  • Are the meeting rooms large enough to provide a comfortable experience for those attending?
  • Are the meeting rooms well laid out? Do they allow for good views of the speaker without any obstructions?


  • Does the venue have a variety of rooms? An auditorium? Small rooms for breakaway meetings?
  • Can the venue offer a projector, DVD player, electronic whiteboard and stationery?
  • Does the venue offer Wi-Fi internet access?
  • Do they have a photocopying/fax service?
  • Is there suitable lighting and power points?
  • Can they provide refreshments, tea/coffee?
  • Do they offer a selection of menus?
  • Are vegetarians, vegans and those with specific dietary requirements catered for?
  • Does the venue have enough parking spaces?
  • Are the rooms well ventilated and temperature controlled?
  • Will disabled delegates be catered for?
  • Is there a restaurant or bar for post-meeting networking and entertainment?
  • Do they have sports and leisure facilities?
  • Do they have facilities for team building activities?
  • Does the venue provide suitable accommodation?


  • Does the venue fall within the budget for this meeting?
  • What type of rates do they offer i.e. individual room hire rate,
  • Is a deposit required and if so how much and how far in advance?
  • What is the cancellation policy? Will you receive a full or partial refund?


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