Innovate – Just one of the catch words of this unprecedented COVID 19 lockdown

We have all had to be innovative – for some that means having to cook every day, for others it may be finding ways to keep busy and fulfilled, setting up a workspace at home, or even creating an exercise routine with what we have at hand. It has been amazing to see the creative innovations of New Zealanders with their sport challenges, dance offs, neighbourhood connecting. As they say “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and we are proving that to be true.

My recent innovation was making hot cross buns without yeast. I was feeling somewhat smug when I started reading social media posts about people looking for yeast in the supermarkets. It seemed that yeast had become the new TP, a hot commodity! No problem. I had a full jar of it in my pantry. I would be upholding my annual tradition of baking hot cross buns over Easter!

So Good Friday came – I got up early (well, earlier than usual) to start the process. I grabbed the new jar of yeast and measured it into the warm milk for proving. Then I glanced at the expiry date on the jar. 2017! What?! Obviously, it had sat there in the pantry overlooked while other jars of yeast had come and gone. Of course, there was NO yeast reaction in the warm milk. So, there would be NO hot cross buns either – at least not the ones I was planning to make.

Time to innovate! Having just made Chelsea Winters fabulous no yeast ‘lock down loaf’ a few days earlier, I decided to use that recipe and adapt it. Adding baking spices and currants.

Although the buns were not the best I’ve made, they met the criteria and provided some needed hot cross bun yumminess to our Easter weekend.

Innovate = make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products