Choosing your wedding theme should be one of your first wedding planning steps. Your theme is usually incorporated into all aspects and details of the wedding, such as invitations, flowers, cake, bridesmaid dresses and cars.

When you start thinking about your wedding theme consider things like your personal style, what you wear, what furniture you like, things that you love to do such as hobbies and interests. Family culture, family heirlooms and traditions can also be a great starting point.

Sometimes a wedding venue dictates the theme of a wedding, Silverstream Retreat for example is located in beautiful Wellington with natural surroundings and rustic features that can be transformed into any number of theme. We’ve had artful vintage styles, romantic floral-inspired themes and elegant retro themes. We always enjoy watching our wedding venues transform.

Use the lists below to help you decide on a wedding theme, pull out the two or three that mean the most to you and your future spouse.

Formal, casual, modern, natural, rustic, country, seasonal, glamorous, medieval, whimsical, cultural, beach, decade, sophisticated.