In the spirit of the Christmas season we’ve designed some beautiful Christmas gift tags to add a splash of colour to your gift wrapping this year. Simply download the PDF below and print it onto a sheet of good quality white card, set your printer to ‘fit to page’. Use scissors to cut along each of the lines and then use a hole punch to make the holes.

Download your Free Christmas gift tag here.

Have a very Merry Christmas from the team at Silverstream Retreat.


Christmas is fast approaching, yes only six weeks to go and now it’s time to make sure everything runs smoothly for your business over the holiday season. There is a lot to consider to make sure this time is stress free and that work resumes smoothly once the Christmas decorations are down. We wanted to help by putting together a handy checklist to make sure you are ready.

Staff cover and leave
Make sure you plan your staff schedule well in advance. Depending on the type of business you have Christmas may be the busiest time of the year and require more staff and additional opening hours. On the other hand, you may be a business that slows down towards Christmas and closes for a holiday at this time. In that case you need to make staff aware of these dates.

Postal services
If your business posts products make sure you check the postal dates and allow plenty of time for delivery. Don’t forget to let your customers know the date they need to order by to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

Opening hours
Let your customers know in advance what hours you will be operating over the Christmas period. If you have a shop you could display the opening hours in the front window, if you have a website make it clear to customers what your availability is and send out an email newsletter if you have a client database.

Festive marketing
The Christmas season is a great time to promote your business. Show your existing customers your appreciation by posting a Christmas card or emailing a virtual card. It’s also a great time to entice customers with discounts and sales. Use a variety of media, such as website adverts, social media, print advertising and mail outs.

If you have any other helpful tips on preparing your business for Christmas, send us a message and we’ll add it to the list for next year.



Planning your exhibition

Here at Silverstream Retreat we have been busy planning our exciting new Wedding Expo. Between 29 August and 4 September we’ll be down at Westfield mall in Lower Hutt promoting the expo and all the great things Silverstream Retreat have to offer.

For those of you that have already booked an exhibition space at the expo we thought we’d use our experience planning the event to help you with the planning of your exhibition.

  1. Planning The success of your exhibition will depend on the amount of time you spend preparing, not only what your exhibition will look like but the objective of the exhibition. Are you selling products and services or introducing a new business to the market.
  2. Budget – Set a budget early on, invest in a few key items that will give your exhibition the WOW factor. Not everything needs to cost the earth, remember to ask friends and family for items or look at second hand items.
  3. Time – Allow plenty of time for designing and preparing your stand. Have a trial run of setting up your stand and time it. Don’t forget to organise transport, checking that your display will fit. If you are planning to give away promotional items like pens and notepads make sure you allow time for delivery.
  4. Marketing material – Not only does your stand need to look great, you need to think about what your potential customers are going to take away with them. You may want to think about having an exhibition special, giveaway or prize draw. If you are able to collect client contact details you can touch base after the expo when they aren’t so overwhelmed. Have information on hand such as flyers, brochures and business cards and think about how you will display these perhaps on a stand or loosely on a table.
  5. Creating a winning display –Your display should firstly attract clients, create an impression of your business and then show what makes you stand out from the competition. Don’t overcrowd your display, use lighting or motion like video to draw the clients in and use simple signage that says who you are and what you do.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there. Good luck.

Wedding-Show-Sep-2014_homepageStart planning your special day

Silverstream Retreat, Sunday 15 February 3–6pm

This is a great opportunity to meet the Silverstream Retreat team, view our beautiful venue and see samples of the set-up options. You’ll also be able to view the bridal suite and guest rooms.
Receive $500 towards your bar tab when you book your wedding and pay a deposit at the Open Day.

Please confirm your attendance, phone 04 562 9080
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