What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests. People create and share collections (called ‘boards’) of visual bookmarks (called ‘Pins’) that they use to do things like plan trips and projects, organize events or save articles and recipes. Users can either upload images from their computer or pin content from the web.

The aim of using Pinterest for your small business is to gain brand recognition and to drive traffic to your website.

How to use Pinterest

Start by creating a Pinterest business account and be sure to verify your website. Add a profile image, either your logo or an image that identifies your business. Then create boards that showcase your business. Name each board and pin a cover image for each board making sure the image you choose is interesting.

Start by tapping into resources you already have, images on your website, blog or on your computer. Make sure you use high quality images. The minimum image that can be pinned is 100 x 200 pixels for best results use images that are 600 pixels wide. Don’t just pin from your own website make sure you pin images that will interest and inform your clients.

How to use Pinterest for Marketing

Make sure you add a good pin description, think about what your customers will be looking for.
If your image is pinned from your website, add the page URL in the description, this will help drive traffic to your website.

To encourage more pinning add a ‘Pin it’ button to your website and email marketing. Either add the button to a widget or add a ‘Pin it’ button to each image.

To increase your brand presence place your logo on images, this means that whenever someone shares a pin they are also sharing your logo.

Pinterest is not just for pinning 2D images, you can also pin videos. Pin videos that showcase your business, either videos you have produced yourself or videos that have information that’s of interest to your customers.

Good luck and have fun.

What to look for in a wedding videographer


Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, and there’s no better way to remember it than having a video made. You will be so involved with the atmosphere and proceedings that it will not be possible for you to enjoy every moment as it happens.

Firstly you have to find somebody that is within your budget. Make a list of things that you want and find a videographer that can give you everything you want for the best price. Videographers will offer different packages according suit many budgets. Don’t compromise by going cheaper instead of getting what you want.

Packages usually contain many options such as, multiple cameras, bride and groom interviews, slideshows for the reception, additional hours, multiple copies, and the list goes on. So make a list of the options you want before looking at packages, then find packages to fit your needs.

Experience & Reputation

The internet is always a great place to start searching for a local wedding videographers, but don’t forget to ask friends and family and even other wedding vendors if they recommend anyone. Browse each videographer’s website and watch their wedding demos, make sure you also ask to see an entire wedding, demos on websites are usually the ‘cream of the crop’. Ask the videographer how many years’ experience they have and how many weddings they have shot.

You might also like to ask for references from previous customers, testimonials are also often found on websites.


A great wedding videographer should be able to clearly articulate what their video style is. A wedding video with a cinematic style resembles a movie, including a trailer at the beginning and montages set to music, which require heavier editing. Documentary or journalistic videos incorporate more natural sound and the order of the video will mimic the real-life progression of your wedding day.

So when narrowing down the list of videographers go with the one that fits your budget and your needs.

Natalie and Brady’s Wellington Wedding

Take a look at this time lapse video by Von Photography. Shot outside in our Boardwalk garden on a beautiful Wellington day.  It’s a great example of how wedding videography can be creative and fun.



Von Photography