Limelight Cafe and Bar Now Open

Limelight Cafe and Bar

Silverstream Retreat have taken over the management of Limelight Bar and Cafe. Situated at Expressions, Arts and Entertainment Centre, 836 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt.

The cafe has undergone a dramatic makeover with an exciting new colour scheme and modern decor. The light and bright interior creates the perfect atmosphere for a long lunch with friends or light snack.

We’ve created exciting new menus with a variety of dishes to suit everyone. There is also a pre-show menu (bookings essential).

Come on in and say hello!

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 8am – 3pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am – 3pm
Monday closed, public holidays open

Phone 04 527 2168

SKY Decoder in Every Room

SKY Guest Select

When you’re away from home, we know you love all the comforts of home. That includes having your own SKY decoder and the choice of 50+ channels of sizzling entertainment. Silverstream Retreat now has SKY Guest Select in all our motel and studio units.

  • SKY Guest Select covers all options so families can enjoy the many Kids channels, Sports fans can salivate with seven Sports channels, Lifestylers can enjoy E!, Living channel, Food TV, Vibe and corporates can keep up-to-date with five News channels plus much, much more.
  • SKY Guest Select provides ‘True Digital’ pictures on all channels.
  • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Guests can see what is available on every channel.
  • Includes the Free-to-Air channels: TV1, TV2, TV3, FOUR, PRIME, Maori, U and TVNZ7.

Questions to ask your wedding photographer

At Silverstream Retreat we work alongside a number of wedding photographers, we know that each photographer has their own style and personality. Choosing the right wedding photographer is an important part of wedding planning, especially when it involves the one thing that will stand the test of time, your photographs.

We’ve come up with a list of questions to help during the interview process.

How would you describe your style of photography?

You can usually determine a photographer’s style by viewing their website; Traditional (posed portraits), Photojournalistic (actions shots of the day’s events), Illustrative (a blend of traditional and photojournalistic with emphasis on composition), High Fashion (artsy and glamorous), and Natural Light (uses only natural light found in a setting). Ask the photographer to describe their working style. Do they move around a lot or do they tend to stay stationary? Do they guide you throughout the day or never make a peep? Are they not afraid to get on the dance floor to get great candid shots or do they prefer shooting from afar?

Will you be photographing our wedding?

If your photographer works for a large studio, he or she may be one of several photographers working for the company. Every photographer has his or her own style, technique, and personality, it’s important that the person you interview and like will be the one taking the photos on the day.

Can we see photos of an entire wedding?

Photographers will show all their best work on websites. If possible view several of their albums; this will give you a better idea of the quality of work you can expect.

What do your packages include and what will I have to pay extra for?

Photography packages vary drastically; some include a flat rate (e.g. $3,000 for 8 hours) with a-la-carte extras such as engagement photos, albums, thank you cards, while other photographers may charge different levels of packages ranging from least – to most time – intensive.

When will my proofs, prints, and wedding album be available?

Find out your photographer’s turnaround time. Also, ask how long you have to choose the photos from your proofs and order your prints and album.

What will you wear on my wedding day?

You don’t want your photographer to show up on your wedding day in jeans and a t-shirt. Black clothing is generally acceptable it means the photographer is less noticeable and blends in.

Do you have backup equipment?

Cameras are mechanical devices; they can fail at any moment and without warning. It is essential that your photographer has a full set of backup cameras, lenses and flashes.

If my wedding goes longer than expected, will you stay longer? If so, how much will it cost?

Sometimes due to reasons out of your control, your wedding may be delayed. Ask if the photographer will stay overtime and how much that will cost.

Do you work with an assistant?

Having an assistant to hold lights and reflectors, as well as set up equipment is essential so that the photographer can work quickly and not miss any special moments while off setting up equipment.

What happens if you are sick on my wedding day?

Your photographer should have some type of backup plan; whether it’s a network between fellow photographers or, in the case of a multi-photographer studio, another photographer from the same company